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The Pandora


Commercial  Model Shown 


Commercial Model Options

Depth Marking Tiles

Waterline Tile

Step Tread & Bench Highlight Markings

Commercial Surface Skimmer

Wet Stamp Engineering Drawings Available

Commercial Spa Light Nitch S.S.

2 Pump System Plumbing w/ 2.5" suctions

Commercial Support Equipment

Free Standing Base



Model # s 

838 C 

838 P

Pandora Commercial

*Pandora Residential







I.A.P.M.O. Listed


   White or Sierra Acrylic Surface for Commercial
   Sierra or Caribbean Blue for Residential
Dimensions:         7' 6" x 7' 6" 
Depth:                         36
Seating Capacity:         6 - 8

Approx. Dry Weight:        320 lbs.
Approx. Water Capacity:  425 gallons


Full Page 838 C jpeg

* The 838 P is 4" Deeper and has A 4" Deeper Seating Area opposite the Steps. (new page coming soon)

L.A. County, California Approved









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