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This is only a partial list    Please Check With Your Local County Health Department for Information on Your Specific Job Site


Approved Drawings Available for:

San Diego County, CA. Model 810c

Los Angeles County, CA. Model 838c

Washoe County, NV. Model 635c

Frisco County, CO. Models 838c & 810c

All Colorado Models 838c & 810c

All Minnesota Models 838c & 810c

Toronto, Ontario Canada Model 838c

Other areas require the standard plan

Custom Plumbing and specification drawings available for your local requirements



Partial List

Google Search for your local County, State; Public Swimming Pool Requirements


Arkansas Health Department Requirements                        

Maricopa County, Arizona                                                

Pima County, Arizona                                                       

County of Los Angeles, California and most areas in California

Orange County, California                                                           Click Here

Mesa County, Colorado                                                     

State of Florida                                                                 

Palm Beach County, Florida                                              

Clarke County, Georgia                                                     


State of Iowa          (scroll down)                                      

Hendricks County, Indiana                                                

State of Illinois                                                                    

State of Kentucky                                                            

State of Michigan                                                             ,1607,7-135-3313_3686_3732---,00.html  

State of Maryland                                                            

State of Maine                                                                 

State of Minnesota                                                           

More from Minnesota                                                      

State of Montana  (use search for swimming pools)                

Clinton County, New York                                               

Albuquerque, New Mexico                                                  

Washoe County, Nevada                                                     

State of New Jersey                                                         

State of North Carolina                                                       

State of North Dakota                                                      

State of Oklahoma                                                                          

State of Oregon                                                                

State of Texas                                                                    

Salt Lake City-County, Utah                                               

Loudoun County, Virginia                                                    

State of Vermont                                                              Spas and Hot Tubs.pdf   

Fairfax County, Virginia                                                   

Washington State Health Department                                   

Clark County, Washington                                               

State of Wyoming    (general info)                                       


Another Site to help


Grecian Spas shall not be held responsible for information  on this page, for general information only, contact YOUR LOCAL Health Department for your specific requirements.